Hill-arious: Clinton Still Laughing About E-mail Scandal

But she's just SO relatable, right?

Hillary Clinton was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Thursday, yukking it up with the fawning host, who did his best to paint the aging politician as a hip and relatable candidate. Yet, the only takeaway from her segment is that Clinton still doesn't take her scandalous past seriously.

In a "mock job interview for president," Fallon set Clinton up with questions about qualifications, strengths, typing skills, and her willingness to relocate. And then, as many interviews end with a need for contact info, Fallon wanted to know if there was an e-mail she could be reached at. 

And Hillary laughed… and laughed:



Clinton's appearance landed on the same day as the Republican debates, an event she said she wouldn't watch personally, deferring that job to her campaign. But when asked if she found Donald Trump intimidating, Clinton slyly said, "No." 

And when she was reminded that her race with Bernie Sanders used to enjoy a 20-point lead but is now neck and neck, Clinton bobbed and weaved:

Well, but, you know that's really artificial. All of those early soundings and polls...

Clinton was happy to announce several endorsements she's recently received for her campaign:

I got endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Fund on Sunday. That was a big deal. [audience applause] Because I believe so strongly that we have to fight against these efforts to undermine and demonize the work that Planned Parenthood does. And they know that I'll fight for them and that's exactly what I intend to do.

She was also proud to mention that she landed the Brady Campaign and with their backing, intends to carry out President Obama's executive actions on gun control laws if she becomes president.

"I'm just honored to have the support of people whose causes mean a lot to me," Clinton added.

Oh, and just to show America how tech-savvy she is, Clinton and Fallon did a Snapchat together! But if that "proves" Clinton is able to use the latest technology, why is she so bad at e-mail?