Guess Who Tips Even Better Than Bleeding Heart Liberals? Republicans

Libs just talk about being generous to the working class.

Democrats like to say they are members of a political party that best demonstrates compassion and love. The term "bleeding heart," once considered an insult, has been embraced by Democrats who want everyone to know they really, really care about the poor. “You are called a bleeding heart liberal because you have a heart for the poor,” an NAACP lawyer wrote in a letter to the New York Times. “Count me with the bleeding heart liberals." Republicans, on the other hand, have long been categorized by the media and by liberal politicians as stingy, Ebenezer Scrooges, taking money out of the pockets of the poor to enrich themselves.

Bloomberg has a fascinating article about tipping that turns that media narrative on its head.  It begins:

Hoping to get a good tip? Seek out the table with the most conservative men from New England. A new survey finds men, Republicans, and residents of the northeast are the best tippers.

Women tip a median of 16 percent, while Democrats and southerners leave a median 15 percent at a restaurant, according to a new survey of more than 1,000 American adults conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International on behalf of That's compared with the median 20 percent that men, Republicans, and northeasterners leave. Those who pay with plastic leave a median 20 percent, compared with 15 percent for those who pay in cash.

Though roughly half of people tip between 16 percent and 20 percent, about a fifth of restaurant goers polled admitted to stiffing the wait staff at least occasionally.

“I was definitely surprised by how many people tip over 15 percent, but I was also surprised by how many people never tip at all at a restaurant,” Matt Schulz,’s senior industry analyst, said in a statement. “I’m guessing they don't get very good service on their next visit.”

As a former server, I can attest that tipping means a great deal. In an already difficult job, it adds a bit of an insult to the work and depresses morale. It's been said that a great deal can be learned by watching how people treat servers... You know, people who don't "matter" as much in one's socio-economic progress up the ladder of success. As Dave Barry said:

Let's face it. Democrats like to preen and take moral stances when they're using other people's money. When it comes to the most basic levels of courtesy, the Republicans are showing them what generosity looks like.

Image Credit: Viewminder on Flickr