‘Group of Teens’ Strikes Again in Baltimore, Young Girl Beaten with Bat

We have another Chicago on our hands.

The Democrat-controlled city of Baltimore is giving Chicago a run for its money when it comes to violence.

As TruthRevolt reported this week, what has been vaguely described as a “large group of teenagers” attacked a family of 10 from New Jersey at the city’s Inner Harbor. The mob swarmed the family and beat down several members, which included grandparents and grandchildren.

The attacks have been happening all year, but are now increasing in frequency. On Halloween, that same, mysterious mob of unruly teens picked out its latest victim. WJZ reports:

For the third time in just days, a group of teens strike yet again at the Inner Harbor.

This time, Kia Martin’s daughter is one of the victims.

“The group of teens surrounded my daughter and her friends,” she said. “My daughter was stomped, kicked, punched, thrown to the ground, beat with a baseball bat.”

Martin says her daughter and friends – students at Digital Harbor High – were pounced on near the science center on Halloween night. Forced to walk a mile to the hospital for help.

“She has three staples in her head, both of her hands are broken. I’m pissed. I’m pissed,” she said. “I just don’t understand why a group would want to go around and terrorize innocent people. My daughter walks that path to and from school every day, and to think that this can happen, it scares the hell out of me.” 

Martin added, “These attacks, these assaults; someone is going to get killed.”

Baltimore police heavily patrol the Inner Harbor, but can’t be everywhere at once. The commissioner noted that the city has a current shortage of police officers, about 500 — down from five years ago. That coincides with the rise of Black Lives Matter and the fact that officers are more hesitant to do their jobs, lest they be crucified in the media as racist.

But the violence isn’t limited to the popular harbor, as WJZ points out:

Outside the incidents at the Inner Harbor authorities now looking into other reported attacks around the city each one more severe than the last.

From a possible pistol-whipping in the Homeland neighborhood in North Baltimore, a robbery on Calvert Street, and at least one robbery in Federal Hill where the suspects were armed with a bat and wooden boards.

One group of black juveniles — one just in middle school — swarmed and attacked a white man back in March. So far, no one has been brought to justice.

Watch the coverage below: