Giffords Shooting Got Twice the Coverage of Scalise's

Hardly surprising.

It’s horrifying when an assassination attempt of any politician is carried out but according to a new report, the media appear to be more concerned when that politician is a Democrat.

James Barrett at Daily Wire points to a Federalist report that found the shooting of former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-AZ) in 2011 was covered twice as much as the shooting of Majority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) just over a week ago.

Federalist writer Joy Pullman mined Internet archives for her report. Initially, she discovered that in the first three days of coverage of both events, the assassination attempt of Scalise was covered a bit more; mentioned 745 times versus 689 for Giffords. However, the picture changes drastically over the following days:

In the week after each shooting incident, newspapers nationwide ran more than twice as many articles mentioning Giffords as they have Scalise. Coverage from the “big four” was more disparate, with The New York Times mentioning Giffords three times as much as Scalise and Washington Post doubling its Giffords coverage despite the Scalise shooting being in the Post’s regional terroritory and easier to cover than a shooting all the way across the country. USA Today mentioned Giffords nearly four times as much as it did Scalise in the week following both shootings.

And it’s not just the number of times the members of Congress were mentioned or not, but how. Pullman handed the conch over to Federalist co-founder Sean Davis, who explained another glaring difference on Twitter:




Some are criticizing this analysis, saying the Giffords shooting carried more weight because six people died, including a 9-year-old girl, and because of the extent of Giffords' injuries. But there are some inconvenient facts that dispel that thinking: at the time, the media elite were blaming the Tea Party for the murders and assassination attempt in Arizona. Now, they're also blaming Republicans for the Scalise attack, saying it was "self-inflicted" because of the right's vitriolic rhetoric. Notice the pattern?