German Town Fights Back as Pubs, Clubs Ban Refugees

Clearly citizens know they need to take matters into their own hands.

This is what happens when multiculturalism is forced on a population at any cost, however high. Besieged citizens will, at some point, push back. 

Now one of Germany's "most inclusive" cities is fast becoming one of the most exclusive. 

The German news site DW reports that a string of pubs and nightclubs in the city of Freiburg are banding together to launch a "no refugees" policy in the wake of migrants' criminal behavior:

Freiburg, Germany prides itself on being the country's "Green City," a friendly, open place where a family of four is more likely to own a tandem bike than a station wagon. On Saturday, however, the small city on the edge of the Black Forest in the south of the country was splashed across the German media for a much different reason - the decision by a group of clubs and bars to keep refugees out.

According to reports, a wave of pickpocketing and sexual assaults preceded the decision in the university town where thousands of students flock to bars every evening. After a series of sexual assaults in the city of Cologne on New Year's Eve , the line between welcoming refugees and providing security has become a flashpoint across the country.

According to DW, another German newspaper, Badische Zeitung, wrote that Freiburg invited the club owners to city hall to engage in a round table discussion about the ban:

The city official in charge of social affairs, Ulrich von Kirchbach, reacted angrily to the measure. Badische Zeitung quoted him as saying that "a rule such as this is contrary to rules against discrimination."

Von Kirchbach added the caveat that "of course we cannot allow lawlessness anywhere," and anyone who commits a crime "must be prosecuted under the law."

While no one yet knows if the ban will affect any change in Freiburg nightlife, police chief for North Freiburg, Harry Hochuli, told "Badische Zeitung" about a similar measure from a decade past that worked well at curbing petty crime. A group of bars and clubs, alongside the city government and police department, organized themselves under the motto "Kicked out once, you're not going back in anywhere," meaning a ban from one location meant a flat ban across Freiburg.

Understandably, Germans are being forced to take matters into their own hands as local police and elected officials do nothing to protect them from the onslaught wrought by migrants. TruthRevolt previously reported that gun sales across European countries have skyrocketed as concerned citizens seek ways of protecting themselves since their own government's wont. 

We can only wager to guess that if Europe's elected leaders continue to allow political correctness to rule its decisions concerning migrants, citizens will take even drastic measures in the coming weeks and months ahead.