Feel the Bern: 'We Will Raise Taxes, Yes We Will'

Fuzzy progressive math added up with a Common Core calculator equals "feel the Bern."

During Monday night's Democratic town hall at Drake University, Bernie Wanders made it abundantly clear that as president, taxes will be raised for everybody.

Speaking with CNN's Chris Cuomo, the Vermont senator said:

We will raise taxes, yes we will. 

But with that terrible campaign promise comes another: "We are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for businesses," Sanders added.

From his vantage point, this plan will balance positively with the tax hike because ultimately he is saving everybody cash, as NBC News reported: 

Sanders went on to say that a focus on taxes entirely misses the point, because his plan would reduce health insurance premiums by even more than it would raise taxes. The campaign of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has attacked her opponent's health plan for tax hikes, a charge Sanders Monday night called "unfair criticism" because his plan would ultimately save people money.

Sanders' view on healthcare goes far beyond the scope of Obamacare, preferring a changeover to a single-payer system. His reasoning  towards that end -- raising taxes while eliminating premiums -- is nothing less than questionable. To pay for his utopian healthcare dreams, Forbes says federal spending will have to go up by "at least $28 trillion." That's trillion! 

It's obvious that fuzzy progressive math added up with a Common Core calculator equals "feel the Bern."

Here is Sanders at the town hall, where you can read his lips, "We will raise taxes:"