German Police Arrest Syrian Migrant, Foil ‘Major Terrorist Attack

ISIS-linked terrorist “wanted to kill as many people as possible.”

Police in the northern German city of Schwerin foiled a “major terrorist attack” after they arrested a 19-year-old Syrian migrant suspected of plotting a large bomb attack in the country, German media reports. The suspected terrorist had been in touch with the Islamic State operative, the German Federal Prosecutor’s office confirmed.

Tuesday’s arrest comes less than a week after the Berlin Police carried out a series of anti-terror raids in the city, seizing a huge cache of weapons including 20,000 rounds of ammunition. Authorities arrested at least one radical Muslim with links to Islamic terrorist groups.

Security agencies across Germany are on high alert ahead of Christmas in anticipation of an Islamist terror attack. Last year, a Tunisian migrant drove a truck loaded with 20 tonnes of steel beams into a Berlin Christmas market, murdering 12 people and injuring 49 others.

German newspaper Die Welt broke the news of the latest police operation in the city of Schwerin:

A Syrian man has been arrested in the city of Schwerin under strong suspicions of preparing for an Islamist-motivated bomb attack, the Federal Prosecutor revealed Tuesday morning. The Special Forces of Federal Police and that of the Federal Criminal Office (BKA) carried out the operation.

Sources within the police told Die Welt that the home of the accused and several other locations in Schwerin and Hamburg have been searched. An investigator told Die Welt that “the arrest of the man, especially on the [protestant holiday of] Reformation days, when a big event is taking place in Wittenberg, is a cause for concern.” (…)

The Syrian man, named Yamen A., came to Germany in October 2015. It is unclear if the man arrived in Germany with the mission to carry out an attack. It is being assumed that the man has been radicalized in Germany. [Translation by the author]

The Syrian terror suspect, who entered Germany in the wake of the Migrant Crisis in 2015, “wanted to kill as many people as possible,” Die Welt revealed. In the autumn of 2015, German Chancellor Angela Merkel suspended border controls and opened the doors of Europe to millions of Arab and Muslim migrants.

Chancellor Merkel’s reckless Migrant Policy has led to a rapid rise in the number of Islamists living in the country. German security agencies estimated that number to be over 24,000. “Germany must brace for more attacks by radicalized Muslims,” Hans-Georg Maassen, head of country's BfV domestic intelligence agency, said earlier this year. According to Maassen, “Islamist terrorism is the biggest threat facing the internal security of Germany.”

Despite a series of deadly Islamist terror attacks on German soil and repeated warnings by security agencies, Merkel government continues to push for a EU-wide open borders policy. Merkel’s re-election as German Chancellor is expected to deteriorate the security situation in Europe even further.