'Gender Fluid' Boy Can't Wear Dress to Dance, School Says

A middle school principal in Albuquerque, N.M., has ruled that eighth-grader Xavier Gonzalez can't wear a dress to school, not matter what Bruce Jenner says.

The boy, 13, says he is "gender fluid," which he defined as meaning "basically when you kind of alternate between male and female," he told local station KOAT.

“I’m still figuring it out. But for now, I’m gender fluid until I can figure out what I want to be for my whole life,” he/she told another station, KOB.

So when the James Monroe Middle School school dance came up on the calendar, Gonzalez wanted to wear a dress. He said girls can wear tuxedos, so why shouldn't he be allowed to dress like a woman.

The principal "told me that if I went to the dance in a dress it would make a mockery of the dance and his school," Gonzalez told KOB. He said the principal told him he'd be sent home if he did.

"Girls get to cross dress but guys don’t," Gonzalez said. "That just seems really unfair to me."

With so much coverage of late on transgenders, Gonzalez launched a social media campaign to #danceforxavier. While the school district told various news organizations that he could wear a dress, the family hasn't heard an official approval from the school.

The district says there is a dress code, but there is nothing in the dress code that would prevent a student from dressing in clothes of the opposite gender.

The dance is May 15, and Gonzalez says nothing's going to stop him from showing up in his dress.