AMC's 'Preacher' Depicts Jesus in Gratuitous Sex Scene

Looking forward to the episode in which they depict Muhammad having sex with his 9-year-old wife.

Preacher is described as a darkly humorous, horror thriller TV series for AMC based on a graphic novel, starring Dominic Cooper in the titular role. Hmm, you might be wondering, is it a series about John the Baptist or even Jesus himself? Or possibly based on the life of Billy Graham? Not exactly. Here is the series' logline from the Internet Movie Database: "After a supernatural event at his church, a preacher enlists the help of a vampire to find God." Things go downhill from there.

Newsbusters reports that, before getting into the main story line, the August 21 episode “Dirty Little Secret” takes a five-minute detour and depicts Jesus Christ "having gratuitous sex with a married woman the night he is arrested in the Garden of Gethsemane. And when I say gratuitous, I mean gratuitous! They are shown moaning and screaming in multiple positions and the woman asks Jesus, 'Could you just stick your finger in my...' So, so, so wrong!"

Indeed. Afterward, Jesus says he needs to leave the woman's arms because he promised "Dad" he would do something. Then his disciples come to the door wondering "Where the hell have you been?" One tells Jesus, "The Chief Priests are on the warpath. We gotta move." Jesus reassures him, "Chill, bro."

You read that right. You have to see this jaw-dropping clip and read the execrable dialogue to believe it.

Jesus: I gotta go. 

Woman: You won't stay for supper? 

Jesus: I already ate. 

Woman: Oh. Okay. 

Jesus: Oh, no, it's... It's not like that. I just -- I have to do something... For my dad. 

Woman: In the middle of the night? 

Jesus: I made him a promise. Tonight meant a lot to me. And no matter what happens, I want you to remember one thing. I love you. 

Woman: What?

Jesus: Y-you -- And also... You can never, ever tell anyone about this. Cool?

Woman: Cool.

Disciple: Jesus! Jesus, are you in there?! 

Jesus: Stay right there. What's up, guys? 

Disciple: Where the hell have you been? We've been worried sick. You said you were going to the garden to pray. 

Jesus: Yeah. I was in the garden. You guys were passed out, so I came here... to bless this ailing woman.

Disciple: The Chief Priests are on the warpath. We gotta move. 

Jesus: Chill, bro. 

Disciple: No, I will not chill. They wanna kill you, man. 

Jesus: Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven. 

Disciple: The hell does that even mean, man? 

Jesus: You'll understand... Someday. 

Disciple: Come on. Judas is meeting us at midnight with the getaway donkeys. 

Jesus: It's been real. 

Newsbusters provides another clip from that episode, in which the Messiah descendant of Jesus is portrayed as a mentally handicapped result of inbreeding. When Dominic Cooper's character is introduced to him, there follows an absolutely repellent moment that you will need a shower and therapy to erase:

Herr Starr: Jesse... This is the Christ Child. The Holy bloodline. Our most precious figurehead. The Messiah. Look upon him. 

Jesse: I... I don't know what to say. I'm just a humble s-- This power, I think I've been given it to find your Father -- God. Tell me, am I on the right path? All I ever wanted was to serve you. Please. I don't even know what to call you. 

Herr Starr: We call him... Humperdoo. 

Jesse: You call him...? Aah! 

Herr Starr: Ah. He likes you. 

Humperdoo: Hello. Nice to meet yous. Is so happy to see yous. 

Jesse: Who the hell is this? 

Herr Starr: I told you. This is The Messiah -- Humperdoo. 

Jesse: Humperdoo? 

Humperdoo: I Humperdoo. 

Herr Starr: That's right. Good boy. 

Humperdoo: Peepee? 

Herr Starr: Very good, my Lord.

So the Messiah is the moronic, inbred offspring of Jesus Christ, and he pees on people. How edgy. We at TruthRevolt look forward to the day when AMC dares to produce a program in which the Islamic prophet Muhammad is so vilely portrayed.