Fidel Castro Does Not Approve Obama's Message to Cuba

"We don't need the empire to give us anything."

From the moment Air Force One's wheels lifted off Cuban soil last week, President Obama has done nothing but gloat about his "historic" visit to the Communist country. But retired leader Fidel Castro isn't impressed and does not approve of Obama mingling in the affairs of the Cuban people whom the Castro family has worked so hard to subjugate.

"We don't need the empire to give us anything," the 89-year-old revolutionary leader wrote in a letter about the president's visit titled, "Brother Obama."

Obama didn't meet with Fidel Castro during his visit, but met with his younger brother, Raul, 84, who took over for his ailing sibling in 2008. Though President Obama believed his diplomatic trip was to bury the hatchet of the Cold War and promise to normalize relations with Cuba, the elder Castro couldn't help but remind the world how the U.S. has been an aggressor to his country, mentioning the Bay of Pigs in his 1,500-word scolding.

Castro was also upset that Obama chose to encourage Cubans to seek government reform and pursue human rights instead of drooling over what Communism has done for Cuba:

My modest suggestion is to reflect and do not try now to develop theories about Cuban politics.

No one should pretend the people of this noble and selfless country give up its glory and rights. We are able to produce food and material wealth we need with the effort and intelligence of our people.

And with that, it doesn't appear that President Obama is going to get his wish. It's weird how everybody knew that but him: