BLM Organizer Says Election Is ‘Tyrannical Pageant of White Fear

The Democrat Party is "a master of reformist performance."

Arielle Newton, an organizer with the New York City Black Lives Matter movement, wrote an opinion column for the PBS News Hour, lamenting that the Democrat Party agenda was not radical enough and stated she will be voting for Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

“As a radical black militant,” Newton wrote, “this presidential election is best characterized as a tyrannical pageant of white fear.”

She claims the Democrat Party is “a master of reformist performance" and only offers "half measures" despite claims that the party cares about the black community.

“But the Democratic Party pays lip service to the black community, and does not represent any transformative pathway to wholehearted racial justice or black liberation,” Newton said.

What does Newton want that the Democrat Party isn't giving?

“The Democratic establishment will never call for the abolition of law enforcement or economic reparations for black bodies; instead they’ll call for police­-worn body cameras and (maybe) “independent” oversight,” Newton wrote.

And Newton is also upset that the Democrats will not hold Israel responsible for the "oppression" of the Palestinian people.

“They will never view Palestinians as an oppressed, disenfranchised people and place righteous, unapologetic blame on the government of Israel,” Newton continued.

Newton also had severe criticism of the Republican party, calling it a “nativist institution.”