Feminists Paint With Their Own Period Blood to Show It's Not Gross

This is a great 'portrait' of modern feminism.

Some feminists at BuzzFeed decided to take the stigma away from periods by using the blood to make works of art. Yes, really.  

Artist Sarah Levy, who painted a portrait of President Donald Trump with blood from her own menstruation, helped the BuzzFeed feminists. Here's Levy's masterpiece, which was inspired by Trump's blood-related comment about Megyn Kelly during the 2016 Presidential campaign.

Before they could launch into their artistic expression, they first "had to collect their blood by using a menstrual cup," the article explained.  "Afterward, they put the blood in a mason jar and kept it in their fridges until it was time to use it."

I'll wait if you need to go puke. Okay, you're back? Sorry, I probably should've told you tell you this detail beforehand. "The ladies were inspired to paint things that made them feel good while they were on their periods. Chantel decided that she would paint chocolate chip cookies with peanut M&Ms. And Devin decided she wanted to paint a bottle of wine."  Chocolate chip cookies painted in blood? Now that is a profound political statement. And even thinking about mixing red wine and period blood is enough to make  normal Americans queasy. To make matters worse, they put them side by side and asked viewers to guess which is which:

Ewwwwwwwww. Watch the video, if you've got the stomach for it... and you want to see what feminism really looks like:

h/t BuzzFeed

​Image Credit: Screen Grabs