Feminists Dye Armpit Hair to Make (Yet Another) Political Statement

Now, there's an easy way for normal men to determine whom not to date.

Feminism has given us many hot fashion trends. First, it caused women to burn their bras.  

They it gave us the miniskirt:

Now, it's giving us a less palatable fashion trend: dyed underarm hair to make a political statement in support of gay rights. When a client told her hairstylist Caitlin Ford that she wanted "something fun she could show off while she was out celebrating St. Louis Pride Fest this weekend," Ford came through with a totally new trend. 

The Daily Wire has the details:

Feminist magazine Cosmopolitan... took a moment to underscore how bold the latest intersectionality virtue-signaling really is. "[T]he use of armpit hair is, alas, still somewhat of a political choice. After all, femme folks still have to fight stigmas about the 'right' and 'wrong' kind of hair, with armpits becoming an unlikely but still consequential part of that conversation. So it's cool to see subtle political messaging meet subtle political messaging," says the magazine. 

Subtle? Rainbow colored armpit hair? Well, at least normal men have yet another indicator of whom not to date.

Image Credit: BlogspotMo on Flickr