Female Students at Oxford Allowed to Take Exam Home to Close ‘Gender Grade Gap’

Yeah, that’s fair.

Female students at the University of Oxford just got a huge leg up on their male competition. As a way to close the so-called “gender grade gap” between the sexes, women will now be allowed to complete a history exam at home in hopes they can score higher percentages than the men, who must take the exam while at school.

According to HeatStreet:

Academics at the university – often ranked top in the world for history – will now allow students to do one exam at home, rather than in an exam hall.

The move – immediately attacked as a “soft” alternative – was made because authorities felt female students were getting too few first-class degrees.

According to the Sunday Times, the change was made in response to a “gender grade gap” which sees 32% of female historians bag a First class degree, compared to 37% of men.

The report notes that though the final version of the exam hasn’t been completed, the female students will “likely to be given similar questions to a timed exam and allowed to complete them over several days instead of a few hours.” 

“The hope is that the exam will reward research skills rather than memorisation, or performance under pressure,” the report adds.

Apparently, Oxford isn’t worried, or doesn’t care, that there will be students who will simply copy the correct answers from some outside source. The end game is to close that “gap.”

Though these female students will have flexibility on taking one of the tests, they will still be taking another timed test. But the guys get no such flexibility.

As HeatStreet also notes, the history department at Oxford has been kowtowing to social justice demands as of late, and recently caved to demands for a required black history exam.

Those same social justice warriors think the new style of testing will do for now, but have already promised to make even bigger demands from the school. The sky is the limit.