Felony Charges Filed Against Two Pro-Lifers for Undercover Planned Parenthood Sting

"Planned Parenthood has done nothing wrong..."

The two undercover pro-life advocates responsible for exposing Planned Parenthood’s profiting off of selling fetal tissue from abortions now face 15 felony charges for recording others without consent, the Associated Press reports.

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress already faced charges before in Texas but those were dropped eight months ago. The new charges, brought by California prosecutors, include filming 14 people without their permission — one count for each person — and the final felony count for criminal conspiracy to invade privacy.

California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra, noted as “a longtime Congressional Democrat,” took over the investigation in January and said his state “will not tolerate the criminal recording of conversations.”

As TruthRevolt reported last year, California introduced a bill to outlaw video or audio stings of “healthcare” groups like Planned Parenthood.

But Daleiden, whose home was raided last year by CA Justice Department agents who confiscated the videos and other personal property, said the felony charges are “bogus” and are most certainly coming from “Planned Parenthood’s political cronies.”

“The public knows the real criminals are Planned Parenthood and their business partners," Daleiden added.

So far, Planned Parenthood has not been held accountable for its practices and the new charges were a surprise to all involved when they were suddenly filed on Tuesday in the San Francisco Superior Court.

The abortion giant’s vice president of communications, Mary Alice Carter, defended the organization in a statement, maintaining the favored argument that the tapes were deceptively edited:

"As we have said from the beginning, and as more than a dozen different state investigations have made clear: Planned Parenthood has done nothing wrong, and the only people who broke the law are those behind the fraudulent tapes.”

The Trump administration has threatened to withhold federal funding from Planned Parenthood unless it stops providing abortions.