Explicit Kids' Message Celebrated by Liberals for 'Fighting Bigotry'

What does it take to fight bigotry? Less than you think.

What does it take to "fight bigotry?" Apparently, the ability to stick up your middle finger and scowl.

Recently,  BuzzFeed News reporter Michael Blackmon saw a group of kids riding their bikes and protesting President Donald Trump. Gossip guy Perez Hilton described them as a "gang of bicycle-riding youths with more attitude than Sean Spicer at a press conference."

The five kids struck a pose on their bikes in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with a handmade sign reading: "Fuck Trump.” The photo was taken outside of the New Holland Arena in the Farm Show & Expo Center where Donald Trump held a rally to celebrate 100 days in office. As you can imagine, the picture went viral.

"Hashtag diplomacy" is a favorite way for liberals to express outrage without having to fully formulate their opinions or take any actual action. According to a casual study of the Democrats who implement the strategy, a hashtag goes more viral if you have a somber-looking face to go along with it (remember the "sad face" former First Lady Michelle Obama put on when she tweeted out a photo of herself holding a sign with a hashtag about bringing home 300 kidnapped Nigerian girls? Most still are not home, by the way, but hey, the important thing is that Michelle shared a hashtag and was appropriately sad-faced about it.)  

Apparently, Blackmon encouraged the kids to select their own hashtag -- #717BikeLife -- which seemed to take on a life of its own:


At a time when politics has created a such polarized society, congratulating kids for saying "fuck Trump" and creating a gang-style viral hashtag doesn't seem especially healing. It's great to encourage free speech, but "fighting bigotry" means more than saying the most inflammatory thing you can scrawl on a sign or in 140 characters or fewer on social media.