Erdogan Regime Hires Biker Gangs to Muzzle Dissidents in Germany

The biker club “Osmanen Germania” is colluding with Turkish security services.

Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan has recruited Turkish gangs in Germany to target his opponents and detractors living in exile. The notorious “Osmanen Germania,” the fastest growing biker gang in Germany, has been working under the direct orders of the Turkish security agencies, reports German media.

This is not the first time the Erdogan regime has been accused of going after Kurds or other opponents in Germany. The Turkish-Islamic organization known as ‘Ditib’ that operates nearly 900 mosques in Germany, reportedly carried out similar activities on behalf of the regime.

The Turkish regime was allegedly using a mega-mosque in Cologne as a base for its intelligence agency, the MIT. According to an investigative report published by the German weekly Focus in 2015, the mosque was not only running a spy ring, but maintained a “thug squad" to mete out “punishments” to keep dissidents in line. Earlier this year, the Ditib Islamic group was forced to admit that some of its imams were working as agents for the Turkish regime. Merkel government didn’t sever its ties with the organization and its mosques continue to receive generous government funding.

The Austrian news website Heute reported the Turkish regime’s ties to the German biker gang Wednesday:

The biker club “Osmanen Germania” is colluding with Turkish security services, a German ministry report says.

The German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is clamping down on the biker gangs. The operation is mostly against organized crime. The activities of biker club “Osmanen Germania” go beyond that. It is operating as an extended arm of the Turkish security forces in Germany, reports the German newspaper WAZ.

The club claims to have 2,500 members and is considered to be the fastest growing group in the biker scene. The history of the relatively new group goes back to April 2015. The gang emerged from the "Turkey Nomads" that once had been part of the Hells Angels.

Unlike other biker clubs, “Osmanen Germania” is highly political and adheres to Turkish-Nationalist ideology. Under the orders from the Turkish security agencies they have been going after and intimidating the opponents of Erdogan, leftists and member of the [Islamic] Gülen Movement residing in Germany.

Last year, they demonstrated in Berlin against the recognition of Armenian genocide by the German parliament. [Translation by the author]

Driven by the open borders and the high birth rates, Germany’s Muslim population is growing exponentially. Muslim organizations have been mobilizing ‘Muslim vote’ in German elections, and the political parties have begun to court these groups.

With the population between 3-4 million, the Turks form the single largest immigrant group in Germany. Merkel government has been funneling millions of euros into the Erdogan-backed Ditib network that runs hundreds of mosques across Germany.

While the German politicians are busy appeasing the immigrant Turks, Erdogan wants to weaponize them. As far as Erdogan is concerned, he is waging a demographic Jihad on the Christian West. Earlier this year, he urged the Turkish families in Europe to have five children. “My brothers and sisters in Europe,” He to them. “Have not just three but five children.”

Recruiting migrant street gangs and planting mosques across Germany are part of Erdogan’s larger game plan to establish Islamist influence in the European heartland.