Eight Years of Obama Vacations and Travel Expenses Cost Taxpayers Nearly $100 Million

Ironically including a trip to speak about global warming for Earth Day.

Judicial Watch has released the numbers for the vacations and travel expenses for the Obama family over the last eight years, and as expected, they're staggering.

Tabulating the figures from documents received through Freedom of Information Act lawsuits against the Department of Homeland Security, the grand total to taxpayers is $96,938,882.51, including the final first family Christmas trip to Hawaii.

Hillary Clinton hitched a few rides on Air Force One, as well, further adding a financial burden on the backs of working Americans. In July this year, Mrs. Clinton was treated to world-class travel on the plane with the president for a campaign stop in North Carolina and all for the low, low price of $360,236. 

Then, in October, Michelle Obama flew to North Carolina to campaign with Clinton once again in the Tar Heel state. However, the documents for this trip haven’t been released. Judicial Watch estimates it cost taxpayers $28,522.80 for the 1.8-hour flight on the C-32A reserved for trips for the first lady.

President Obama spent the last eight years lecturing everyone on the dangers of climate change and how fossil fuels are destroying the environment. Kind of ironic seeing as he flew to Florida last year on Earth Day to give a speech on global warming. That trip cost a whopping $1,012,367.76. Saving the planet one flight at a time!

Here are some more figures from JW’s report:

  • The Secret Service records for Obama’s October 2015 fundraising travel to San Diego reveal expenses totaling $180,187.09. Including the U.S. Air Force expenses, the total cost of Obama’s San Diego trip was at least $2,181,655.99.
  • Michelle Obama’s February 2016 ski trip to Aspen with her daughters cost taxpayers a total of $222,875.58. The Secret Service expenses were $165,806.78.  Judicial Watch previously obtained records from the Air Force revealing that Michelle Obama’s weekend trip to Aspen, Colorado, last year cost American taxpayers $57,068.80 in travel expenses alone for the 7.4-hour round-trip flight.
  • Judicial Watch obtained records from the U.S. Air Force and the Secret Service revealing that Barack Obama’s trip to Cuba and Argentina in March 2016 cost taxpayers $7,146,015.18 in Secret Service and Air Force travel expenses.
  • Air Force records regarding Michelle Obama’s trip to Morocco, Spain and Liberia with her daughters in June 2016 revealed $450,026.40 in flight expenses alone. A C-32A was flown for 28.4 hours.
  • Judicial Watch recently obtained Air Force records which reveal that the Obama’s August 2016 vacation to Martha’s Vineyard cost taxpayers $450,295 in flight expenses alone.

JW president Tom Fitton said, “The Obamas’ notorious abuse of presidential travel perks wasted military resources and stressed the Secret Service.”

“Judicial Watch estimates that the final costs of Obama’s unnecessary vacation and political travel will well exceed $100 million,” he added. “President-elect Trump can immediately save taxpayers money by reforming presidential travel.”