Ed Schultz: Maybe ISIS Terror Is Just Something We're Going To 'Have To Live With'

You know, except for those who don't live.

On The Ed Show on MSNBC, host Schultz was speaking with Congressman Garamendi of California about the threat from ISIS and made an assessment of the situation that will almost certainly not sit well with most Americans. Referring back to the Iraq War, Schultz implied that Americans only have an appetite for quick fixes and easy buttons, and that the real job of fighting ISIS is something America is too weak or impatient to handle. He also wondered if terror attacks from ISIS aren't something we're just going to have to "live with' while the President's big, complicated, nuanced strategy plays out.

"Is the answer to ISIS just not going to fit the 24-hours news cycle? That this is far more detailed than what American patience might call for at this point?" Schultz asks. "That this is just something we're going to have to learn to live with? ...  All the  answers that I'm getting from people who are weighing in on this ... fighting ISIS and containing them and limiting them and eliminating them just doesn't fit the push-button mentality response that the American people are expecting."