Democrat Rep: Facts of Michael Brown Case ‘Not a Concern

Rep. Norton tells Hannity she didn't read the evidence because only the "big picture" matters.

On Hannity Thursday Democratic Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D.C.) admitted that she did not bother reading the evidence of the Michael Brown case because “that is not a concern.” All that matters, she maintained, is “the big picture” which is in danger of getting lost in unimportant details.

Citing evidence from the case contradicting the “Hands up, don’t shoot!” mantra, Hannity asked the congresswoman why her peers would “advance a lie” on the House floor. After she pushed, Hannity asked if she had read the evidence. Norton admitted to the stunned host that she hadn’t gone to the trouble:

Norton: I did not, and that is not a concern.

Hannity: The evidence isn’t a concern? What?!

Norton then moved onto the “larger concern” at hand, the systemic problem she said was behind the shooting of Brown and the killing of Eric Garner.

Hannity reminded her that as a member of Congress she in a “position of power” and pressed her again on why she refused to read the evidence, to which she responded that what matters is not “losing the big picture”:

Norton: I’m sorry, if you want to talk about something that other people said, you can. This is my view. We are losing the big picture.

When Hannity later began to read some of the evidence contradicting the left’s narrative on the deadly encounter between Officer Darren Wilson and Brown, Norton declared that there was “conflicting testimony,” then repeated again that the evidence is “not my concern”:

Norton: There was conflicting testimony! Some people are going off of the testimony you said, some people are going over the other testimony. That’s not my concern.

Hannity: No? The truth isn’t not your concern? Evidence isn’t your concern? Evidence isn’t a concern if you are going to take a position on a case?

Norton: If you want to talk to people who have other concerns, have them on your show!

Partial transcript via TheBlaze. Video via Twitchy