Cowboys Star Says Blacks Too Focused on Racism Instead of ’Individual Accountability’

“REAL SLAVERY is different from what’s going on in our world now.”

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant (#88) has some straight advice for the black community: it’s time to take personal responsibility for individual actions and stop blaming every injustice on white people.

At only 28, Bryant is a three-time Pro Bowl selection, according to UPI, and was voted as an All-Pro in 2014. His seven-year NFL career has been a successful one, with his stats last season hitting 796 yards, eight touchdowns, and 50 receptions. In 2015, Bryant signed a five-year, $70 million contract with the Cowboys.

And even though he says he has experienced racism in his life, Bryant is not bitter and is too focused on being successful and focused with little time leftover to be upset. He offers some sage advice for those who are listening. From his Instagram account:


1-4 I love to express my thoughts and feelings

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4-4 have a blessed Sunday

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Then, Bryant shared this story from his own life as an example of what he's talking about:


Whenever GOD give you an opportunity.. you better take advantage of it and BUILD #x

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Photo credit: Keith Allison via / CC BY-SA