Hillary Called Out for Using Fake ‘African Proverb’

She’s up to her old tricks again.

Now that Hillary Clinton is back in the public eye, she’s back to pandering. With the launch of her new Trump resistance organization, Onward Together, Clinton is bragging that she named it after an African proverb. But social justice Twitter is calling her out for the misattribution and for cultural appropriation, of course.

On Clinton’s website, the proverb reads: “If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

SJW Twitter hit hard:


“If someone starts an aphorism with ‘there’s an African saying,’ it’s probably a mythical quote misattributed to a whole continent.”

HeatStreet reports:

Both Clinton and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker have used the quote before, and actual experts on African history have stepped in to correct them. They note that while the conventional wisdom is that it originated somewhere on the continent, it‘s not wholly accurate to call the quote a "proverb"—and it’s kind of weird to make assumptions about its history…

In other words, these types of quotes are a great way for progressives to depict precisely how in touch with their roots, and the marginalized and oppressed of the world they really are.

This particular quote may be a prime example. According to a history of the quote compiled by Jezebel when Hillary Clinton used it the first time on the campaign trail, Clinton’s “African proverb” may have been made up by the whitest of all white men, Al Gore.

It appears in a few works of literature, but almost uniformly fiction books by white writers. Otherwise, it mysteriously appears on quote pages—but mostly by successful white businessmen, tech-types, and CEOs of “socially conscious” companies like TOMs (who, in turn, usually attribute it to being a mysterious, age-old African saying).

So, once again Clinton is called out by the very people she claims to represent and adopts a fake culture. But at least she didn’t do it in her fake black accent.

Don’t you just love when the Left eats its own?

Photo credit: marcn via Foter.com / CC BY