One Man Shows Up For O'Malley

Townhall amid snowstorm

Martin O'Malley decided bad weather be damned and pushed on with campaign events in Iowa Monday night, even though that meant a townhall meeting where just one man showed up. As a snowstorm ripped through the region, many other campaigns were cancelling their events but O'Malley kept to his schedule even though it meant meeting with a man identified only as Kenneth.

On Tuesday morning O'Malley told MSNBC's Morning Joe hosts that while Kenneth was uncommitted, the man was happy to see O'Malley.

"The very last event of the night, we actually had a whopping total of one person show up, but by God, he was glad to see me. So we spent the time with him," O'Malley told the TV show.

O'Malley is running a distant third to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders garnering less than 5% of the vote according to the Real Clear Politics average.

Republican candidates Chris Christie and Marco Rubio both cancelled scheduled events due to the bad weather.