Christian Child Forced to Live in Muslim Foster Care, Remove Cross, Learn Arabic

It’s so bad she is “begging” not to be returned to foster home.

The Times (UK) has reported that a white Christian child, 5, has been under the care of two Muslim households for the past six months against the wishes of the girl’s family. Her caregivers have forced her to remove her cross necklace, to learn Arabic, and is accompanied out of the homes with women wearing niqabs.

The young girl is reportedly “very distressed” and has been sobbing and “begging not to be returned to the foster home” because “they don’t speak English.” It is stated that she was placed into the system by the “scandal-ridden Tower Hamlets borough council,” which is known for its election fraud, bribery, corruption, poor services to needy children, and was formerly under the control of an Islamist-linked mayor.

Breitbart London adds:

[T]he girl was not allowed to eat a carbonara meal because it had bacon in it (forbidden in Islam), and recorded claims she had her necklace and Christian cross pendant removed by one carer, and was allegedly encouraged to learn Arabic.

During a visit with her mother, the girl said she was told that “Christmas and Easter are stupid” and that “European women are stupid and alcoholic”.

Both of her female carers covered their faces with Islamic veils when they accompanied the child out of the house, indicators of a Salafi-influenced, puritanical form of Islam. The first foster carer, who she was with for four months, wore the niqab; the carer she is currently living with wears the burqa.

A friend of the girl’s family told The Times: “This is a five-year-old white girl. She was born in this country, speaks English as her first language, loves football, holds a British passport and was christened in a church. She’s already suffered the huge trauma of being forcibly separated from her family. She needs surroundings in which she’ll feel secure and loved. Instead, she’s trapped in a world where everything feels foreign and unfamiliar. That’s really scary for a young child.”

Of course, to The Huffington Post UK, The Times headline is the problematic thing because it stokes “division” through its wording. The outlet turned to two Muslim Twitter accounts to make its point.

“I know it's Bank Holiday but I keep thinking about this headline. It suggests its [sic] inappropriate for Muslims to be foster carers,” Aisha S Gani said.

“Yes it is an imperfect system, but in the absence of anything better surely the discussion should be about (caring for children from all faiths & backgrounds) for 25+ years I can attest first hand to the dedication, commitment and struggles the pressures on local authorities, the increase of children in care, and how to promote families of all backgrounds to step up to be carers,” said Esmat J.

Random Twitter user David Wells complained, “‘White’ ‘Christian’ ‘taken’ 'forced’ ‘niqab wearer’ just listen to yourself.”

Random Twitter person number two, Cormac Ryan, added his thoughts, “Let me get that for you.... ‘Muslim family fosters child who had to be protected from her own “Christian” family’?? You're welcome!”

As the HuffPost notes, “Tower Hamlets in East London, has the biggest Muslim population of any London borough - only 31% of people are ‘white British.’”

And as it turns out, British social services are much more discriminating against Christian households which offer foster care than they are against Muslim households, as Breitbart stated:

Two recent cases have highlighted a negative and prejudicial position by British social services to Christian carers and children in the care system after a Christian couple, who raised objections to the children they were fostering being adopted by a gay couple, were told that they cannot adopt the children themselves because of their “concerning” views.

Breitbart London reported in April that a Christian couple were told by a social worker that christening their infant son would lessen the chances of him being adopted.