Carney Blasts 'Shallow' Press In Exit Interview

Says reporters play to camera during briefings

Former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said the reporters with whom he worked often took a "shallow approach" and would act much differently when White House press briefings were conducted on camera.

In an exit interview with New York Magazine, Carney, a former reporter himself, whined that reporters often end up "chasing the same soccer ball down the field." The nature of news now, he lamented, "reinforces a shallow approach."

When asked about his interactions with reporters, Carney expressed frustration at the repetitive nature of some of the questioning, and the "emotional--maybe even theatrical" nature of the back-and-forth that would occur with reporters, especially those seated in the front row. Those reporters, he said, behaved quite differently when the briefings were televised:

 If you look at the difference in tenor between the on-camera briefings and the on-the-record-but-off-camera gaggles, it’s night and day.