Bruce Willis’ ’Death Wish’ Looks Amazing, Leftists Cry Alt-Right Fantasy

And racist. Is that because he wears a hoodie?

The official trailer for the remake of the Charles Bronson classic vigilante flick Death Wish has hit the web and already, leftist movie critics are calling it an alt-right fantasy along with predictable but nonsensical cries of “racism” and “fascism.”

In the original, Bronson plays war veteran and architect Paul Kersey. But after his wife is murdered and his daughter raped inside his New York City apartment, Kersey goes on a one-man mission to find the thugs who tore his family apart. As he searches, Kersey clears the streets of other violent criminals.

Playing Kersey this time around is Bruce Willis, who appears quite able to fill Bronson’s shoes. The new trailer is action-packed, gun-heavy, and full of revenge killings. What’s not to love?

However, the leftist loudmouths aren’t happy about the film and are already panning it, and the original, as racist. We can’t figure it out, unless it’s because Willis’s vigilante costume is a hoodie.

Forbes film critic Scott Mendelson complained on Twitter:

Lexi Alexander, a Palestinian filmmaker and “occasional troublemaker,” according to her Twitter profile, thinks the whole Death Wish franchise has been racist from the beginning, even though in both films, Kersey is pursuing the white guys who raped and killed his family (one of them being Jeff Goldblum, for crying out loud):

But critic Alan Zilberman, who writes for The Washington Post, Slate, and others, has dubbed the film an alt-right fantasy:

Mind you, not one of them has seen the new film, which premiers in November, but they’re quite confident in their assessments. But if the progressives hate it this much, it's gotta be good.