Brokaw: We Need to be Reminded of U.S. Concentration Camps, 'Especially These Days'

“It’s really important to remember some of the moments we are not proud of in our nation’s history.

On Tuesday’s NBC Today, "special correspondent" Tom Brokaw spoke with hosts Matt Lauer and Hoda Kotb about the 75th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's executive order, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, interning Japanese-American citizens in what both Lauer and Brokaw called “concentration camps.” Brokaw concluded with the ominous pronouncement that it's important for young Americans to know this history, “especially during these days.”

As reported by Newsbusters, Kotb began by referring to this "shameful chapter in American history,” and Lauer described the “paranoia spreading about everything relating to the Japanese.” Then Brokaw intoned about “concentration camps.” 

After repeatedly comparing such detention facilities to Nazi death camps, Lauer lobbed this setup to Brokaw: “’s really important for us to go back and remember some of the moments we are not proud of in our nation’s history.”

Brokaw agreed, “No, that’s right, absolutely. You know, and so many Americans were really unaware...completely unaware of what had happened there and we do need to be reminded, especially during these days.”

Neither host thought to follow up on this odd observation with the obvious question: why do Americans need to be reminded of concentration camps “these days”? That's because Lauer and Kotb know full well that Brokaw was referring to the Trump administration, and they seriously believe that under Trump there is a danger minorities may be rounded up and put into such camps.

There are two takeaways from this segment: one, the left has become completely deranged and delusional, and two, news organizations need to stop trotting out Tom Brokaw as some sort of eminence grise to make spread such embarrassing paranoia. Check out the video clip below: