Is Bob Costas "Some Crazy Left Wing Guy"?

"There is not that much ideological difference" between NBC and the KGB dictatorship.

On yesterday's Talking Points Memo, Bill O'Reilly discussed the controversy touched off by lavish praise for Putin from NBC sports anchor Bob Costas.

Costas had previously earned the ire of conservatives for embedding a progressive political agenda into his commentary, and while Rush Limbaugh responded to the NBC celebration of Putin by suggesting that, "There is not that much ideological difference" between NBC and the KGB dictatorship," Bill O'Reilly retorted that, "I know Costas. He's not some crazy left wing guy who would celebrate a man like Putin."

The controversial remarks made by Bob Costas included the statement that "Putin brokered a deal to allow Syria to avoid a U.S. military strike by giving up its chemical weapons and help bring Iran to the negotiating table over its nuclear intentions. And he has repeatedly showcased his confidence to take on the West, particularly the United States."

Bill O'Reilly was critical of Putin, but believed that Costas should get a pass for dutifully reading a script. "These days nothing is innocuous," O'Reilly said. "Everything is political. Therefore Bob Costas finds himself once again on the defensive."

These debates have been revisited each time a totalitarian country hosts the Olympics. The next winter games however will be held in South Korea in 2018.