Bill Maher Calls Palin a 'Bully'

During his interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC Tuesday, Bill Maher called Sarah Palin and Chris Christie bullies.

Chris Matthews focused completely on promoting Real Time and overly dramatizing the Chris Christie Bridgegate scandal during his interview with Bill Maher on Hardball Tuesday. 

Matthews played a clip of Christie cracking a comment at a press conference in the fall of 2013 about how he was in a hat and overalls moving the cones around to shut down lanes when a reporter asked him a question about Bridgegate.

Christie's sarcastic remarks were made before the smoking gun emails from his fired Deputy Chief of Staff Bridgette Kelly were made public.

Bill Maher responded to the video saying that politicians are not funny and should not try to be. He then continued,

He keeps saying 'I'm not a bully.' Sure he's a bully and that's what they like about him is that he's a bully. If he's not a bully then who is he? He's just Lamar Alexander. They're always looking for a bully in that party! They love Sarah Palin remember... Sarah Palin was a bully! 

Maher never clarified what Palin has done or did to qualify her as a "bully."