Arf, Arf!: Hillary Barks Like 'Attack Dog' at Nevada Rally

Getting desperate?

Presidential contenders say all sorts of different things on the stump. Barking like a dog, however, may be a first.

Perhaps sensing a lack of momentum and lagging support among potential voters, Hillary Clinton added a bit of pizzaz to a routine campaign stop in Nevada on Saturday. Speaking to an audience in Reno, Clinton likened herself to a Republican fact-checker -- or, an attack dog, if you will. 

Citing a political radio ad that aired in Arkansas years ago and featured a dog that would bark whenever a candidate spoke an untrue statement, Clinton began barking herself: 

"We need to get that dog and follow him around and every time they say these things, like, 'oh the Great Recession was caused by too much regulation," Clinton said before yelping, "Arf! Arf! Arf! Arf!" to general applause.

All the barking in the world, however, might not make up for offensive comments the Clinton camp made last week when spokesman Brian Fallon seemingly brushed off Nevada as Bernie-country due to its lack of diversity:   

"There’s an important Hispanic element to the Democratic caucus in Nevada," Fallon said. "But it’s still a state that is 80 percent white voters. You have a caucus-style format, and [Sanders will] have the momentum coming out of New Hampshire presumably, so there’s a lot of reasons he should do well."

The comment even angered left-wing stalwart and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, who had "pushed hard to move Nevada near the front of the primary calendar precisely because of its diversity."

Hillary Clinton's campaign is floundering and if she wants to secure votes in the days and weeks ahead she might need to do a lot more than bark like a dog. She might need to jump through a few hoops, too.