AP's Devastating Fact Check of Democrat Debate Claims

Just over a minute to dismantle half the debate.

The issue of Hillary Clinton and Big Banks has been one of the most talked-about among Democrats. Is she in Wall Street's pocket or not? It was the subject of much of last night's Democrat primary debate on MSNBC.

Another big feature of the Democrat primary has been the freebie bonanza promised by Bernie Sanders, something Clinton attacked several times in the course of the debate. 

However, it seems neither one of them played it straight, as the above AP fact check video points out. For example, Hillary tries repeatedly to distance herself from Wall Street, even claiming at one point that they are putting money into opposing her. What she doesn't mention though, is that plenty of Wall Street is backing her. In fact, it's her biggest business source of funding.

And as for Bernie and his gravy train? Predictably he avoids talking about how much it will cost, and how it will be paid for. Take his universal health care plan, for example: he claims moderate tax increases will take care of the whole shebang. Only that's not so either. It would still leave a sizable, unfunded gap -- a three TRILLION dollar gap.

Democrats, come on. Even the press is calling you out. Well... some of the press. Neither candidate, it should be noted, was pressed on either point by MSNBC.