Ambassador Claims Amal Clooney Threw 'Obnoxious' Tantrum at UN, Lectured Him on ISIS

She brought an entire camera crew with her too.

Amal Clooney, wife of famed actor George Clooney, reportedly threw an "obnoxious" tantrum with a UN ambassador, lecturing him on how to bring ISIS to justice. 

While there's typically no love lost between conservatives and the United Nations, we can sympathize with how UN Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim might have taken offense at Clooney's alleged lecture, given that 65 -- yes, 65 -- of his own family members were reportedly executed (some of them decapitated) by Saddam Hussein. The NY Post reports: 

George Clooney’s human rights lawyer wife nearly caused an international incident at the Iraqi UN Mission in Manhattan when she lectured the ambassador on ISIS and showed up with an unauthorized camera crew, The Post has learned.

Lebanese-born attorney Amal Clooney originally demanded to meet with the prime minister at the mission during the UN General Assembly, but that was rejected and she settled for the country’s UN Ambassador Mohamed Ali Alhakim, two Iraqi officials confirmed.

To her credit, Amal Clooney has been vocal in her condemnation of the UN's failure to adequately address the genocide taking place in the Middle East. The main issue to Alhakim, it seems, is that Clooney acts as if Yazidis are the only victims. Yazidis are indeed one ethno-religious group targeted for extinction at the hands of Islamic supremacists, and they have suffered tremendously, but to our knowledge Clooney has not spoken out in defense of Christian victims (or Muslims either, for that matter) with as much fervor. 

Alhakim said that Clooney, who appeared at the UN on September 15 alongside Yazidi victim Nadia Murad, used a "dismissive, lecturing tone" with him while discussing how to handle ISIS: 

When the conversation turned to the Yazidi people, Clooney made it seem as if they were the only religious sect in Iraq being slaughtered by ISIS, the official said.

The ambassador and his staff tried to offer her a “full picture” outlining each group targeted by ISIS, but Clooney was “completely uninterested” and “tone deaf to the whole thing,” the official said, noting, “It was highly offensive. I have had cousins decapitated.”

Alhakim, who had 65 of his own family members exterminated by Saddam Hussein’s ruthless regime, became infuriated with Clooney and, at one point, stated to her, “This is highly insulting. This is very unacceptable,” the official said.

Despite Clooney’s “obnoxious” behavior, the tense meeting lasted about an hour and 20 minutes because the Iraqi diplomats wanted “to be respectful to Nadia,” the official noted.

Perhaps another reason Clooney's actions were called into question is the media entourage she brought with her, apparently in violation of protocol: 

"The main issue is what she did and how she did it is absolutely outrageous and using a victim of war crimes as an accessory and political currency," the official told the Post

Perhaps she was trying to use her quasi-celebrity to shine a light on a very serious issue and one that isn't getting enough attention. If Hollywood -- and the politics of Clooney in particular -- has jaded our perceptions and caused us to be skeptical, however, few could blame us.