Allen West Shames Sharpton and Jackson on Knockout Game Silence

“...they live off the victimization.”

On Fox News’ “On the Record” Thursday, Former Rep. Allen West blasted the “totally irrelevant” Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson for their silence on the spree of “knockout game” attacks, arguing the two “live off victimization” and have ignored the story because there’s “no profit in it for them.”

Fox’s Greta Van Susteren invited West on to discuss the recent string of racially motived attacks and the refusal of major media outlets to cover them. When Van Susteren turned the conversation to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, West blasted their conspicuous silence on the violent spree:

Van Susteren: How about Jesse Jackson and Reverand Sharpton? They can certainly draw attention.

West: There’s no profit in it for them. There’s no political gain, no political advantage for them…

Van Susteren: How about helping  the neighborhoods, because this is terrorizing inner-city neighborhoods.

West: They don’t care because they live off the victimization. And so, therefore, as long as you have black communities that see themselves as victims, that helps perpetuate their existence... Why don’t they say anything in Chicago about the black-on-black crime? Because they don’t have a point in that, it doesn’t elevate them whatsoever. And that’s why I think these guys should be totally irrelevant. They should not be listened to whatsoever.