Matt Schlapp says Garland ignores constitution

The American Conservative Union, the organization behind the annual CPAC event, is coming out strongly against President Barack Obama's pick for the Supreme Court, Merrick Garland:

Once again, President Obama has shown his blatant disregard for the U.S. Constitution by nominating a person to replace Justice Scalia who ignores the fundamental premise that our government is to be limited and citizen based. As a federal appeals court judge, Merrick Garland has tried to restrict individual rights and he has worked to expand the power of the federal government over Americans’ lives.  

While liberals are worried that Garland is too much of a centrist for their liking, Schlapp points out that were it up to Obama's pick, gun rights would be severely curtailed:

If it were up to Judge Garland, DC citizens would have been stripped of their Second Amendment rights and the EPA would have virtually unlimited control over the private property of Americans. Republican Senate leaders should be applauded for standing on principle and upholding their role of advice and consent in filling Supreme Court vacancies.  

Schlapp and the ACU called upon Republican lawmakers in the Senate to exercise their constitutional duty and reject Garland's nomination.