Hillary Can't Get This Group To Support Her

They backed her in '08 but not now.

Hillary Clinton may have swept five states this week but the one group she could close with is a group that supported her strongly last time out - white men. The New York Times reports that results are rattling some Democrats as they look toward the general election.

While Mrs. Clinton swept the five major primaries on Tuesday, she lost white men in all of them, and by double-digit margins in Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio, exit polls showed — a sharp turnabout from 2008, when she won double-digit victories among white male voters in all three states.

She also performed poorly on Tuesday with independents, who have never been among her core supporters. But white men were, at least when Mrs. Clinton was running against a black opponent: She explicitly appealed to them in 2008, extolling the Second Amendment, mocking Barack Obama’s comment that working-class voters “cling to guns or religion” and even needling him at one point over his difficulties with “working, hard-working Americans, white Americans.”

While Clinton sought the votes of white men in 2008, the Times says her campaign now targets black and Hispanic voters with a more left-wing message including calls for stronger gun control.