Activist: Blacks Need Spaces Without Light-Skinned Minorities

The latest example of social justice extremism.

An article published at Everyday Feminism argues that light-skinned minorities need to allow blacks to have their own safe space because like white people, light-skinned people of color have to check their privilege, too. Welcome to the confusing, and ever-changing world, of social justice extremism.

The writer, Nico Dacumos, describes himself as a “light-skinned and white-passing BIPOC,” which stands for black, indigenous people of color. With that skin tone, he says, a certain level of privilege exists because darker-skinned minorities are discriminated against much worse. Dacumos suggests one way to address that privilege is to “not automatically assume that we are entitled to be in all BIPOC spaces all the time.” That’s because blacks “desire spaces where they can process and organize around the unique issues they face because of their closer proximities to Black and Indigenous skin tones and facial features and that us lighter-skinned people do not have to worry about.”

Dacumos goes on to say that every time he shows up to a BIPOC event, “the issue of whether very light-skinned or white-passing BIPOC should attend has come up.” And lest anyone thinks this is just him being extremely nitpicky, Dacumos said dark-skinned minorities get to dictate the narrative because it’s they who have the hardest time:

It must be very frustrating to know that someone of the same race as you can enjoy benefits that you cannot access and to know that they never have to worry about things that you worry about every day simply because of the lightness of their skin and facial features that are considered “finer” — AKA more European.

Instead of being offended by the exclusion, Dacumos says light-skinned minorities should “think about what impact our presence is in the spaces that we inhabit.” After all, he adds, “When life, wellness, and happiness are at stake, Black, Indigenous and People of Color have a right to gather without white people in order to address issues that are important to them.”

And what if white people wanted to have segregated meetings? Dacumos shares his thoughts:

Problem is when white people gather separately we end up with groups like the KKK, Stormfront and the Trump White House (please avoid ‘splaining about how the cabinet is not actually completely white).

Any other questions?

Dacumos’s screed is tough to make it through as it meanders through one made-up microaggression after another. It’s like being in an infinite loop of white noise — that is, light-skinned noise. What’s worse, Dacumo is a high school teacher, but he’s so much more: “Nico is a lower-middle class and college-educated child of a Manila-born Ilocano and a Central California Chicana. He currently writes, teaches high school, runs a decolonial food pop-up, builds spiritual community, loves, co-parents, and instigates non-binary transgender faggotry in Oakland, CA.”

Leftism doesn't come with a decoder pen so make of that what you will.