Accuser of X-Men Director to Name Three Execs in Hollywood Sex Ring Today

The scope of the case against X-Men director Bryan Singer is rapidly expanding as the accuser has announced that he will name three studio executives Monday involved in what he alleges is a Hollywood sex ring.

Singer’s accuser, Michael Egan III, who is now 31, alleges that the director coerced him into a sexual relationship in 1998 and 1999, when Egan was only 15. Egan's charges provide damning details of the relationship, including rape and extortionist tactics used by Singer to elicit sexual favors.

Egan’s nationally-known attorney, Jeff Herman, announced Sunday that Egan, accompanied by his mother, would provide the names of three Hollywood executives in a press conference Monday at 2 pm at the Beverly Hills Four Seasons.

Last week, Egan alleged that men in the studio sex ring lured teens with promises of film and television roles and offers of drugs and alcohol. Egan claimed that he had been treated like a “piece of meat” and personally threatened with physical violence if he came forward.

After Fox released a statement Thursday that the “serious allegations” were personal and would be resolved by Singer and his representatives “in an appropriate forum,” the studio pulled the director from all X-Men: Days of Future Past promotional appearances.

Singer’s attorney, Marty Singer (no relation) has dismissed the allegations as “absurd and defamatory,” on Friday singling out the accuser's attempts to place Singer at a 1999 party in Hawaii:  

Any person who claims to be a witness to Bryan Singer being in Hawaii with Michael Egan is a bold-face liar. My client was never with Mr. Egan in Hawaii during the time period alleged or at any other time. We have documentary evidence that proves Bryan wasn't there. Documents don't lie, people lie.

Singer's attorney has threatened to counter-sue after his client is vindicated.