ABC News: Hillary Didn't Lie About Trump Being in ISIS Video, She 'Predicted' It

They are trying to make her right after the fact.

At the last Democrat primary debate, Hillary Clinton falsely claimed that Donald Trump was being used in ISIS recruitment videos, a wild claim that she appeared to simply invent out of whole cloth, according to fact-checkers from her own friendly liberal media. Even worse for her, it turned out that someone from this country was being featured in such videos: her husband.

Now a new recruitment video is out - not for ISIS but for terrorism nevertheless, and this time it does at last help Hillary out and feature Donald Trump. Which is more than good enough for ABC News and Good Morning America, where over the weekend they absolved Hillary of the original fabrication retroactively by claiming she "predicted" it - as if she issued a prophecy and made the claim truth-in-waiting until it came to pass.  

Don Harris wonders aloud in the teaser if Hillary "may have actually been right," and it goes downhill from there.

From BizPacReview:

“This is the first known instance of extremists using Trump’s language to attract followers, though not by ISIS as Hillary Clinton predicted,” co-host Mary Bruce chimed in.

After playing a clip of Clinton saying that Trump is (not "would be") ISIS’s best recruiting tool, Harris made this observation: “The Democratic front-runner ignited a war of words with Trump. She warned that his rhetoric would become recruiting fodder.”

Notice how they put everything into future terms. She "warned" they would "become" fodder. As opposed to what Hillary actually said, which was that ISIS was already doing that. They are trying to make her right after the fact.