44% of Democrats Support Accepting Refugees from Fake City in 'Aladdin' Movie

Refugees will arrive in the U.S. via magic carpet.

WPA Research released polling data showing that 44% of Democrats support accepting refugees from fictional Disney city Agrabah named in the movie Aladdin.

The poll was conducted in response to the left-wing pollsters Public Policy Polling (PPP) survey that showed 30% of Republicans would support bombing Agrabah.

WPA said that Democrats "will allow refugees from anywhere into the country, whether they are potential ISIS supporters from Syria or potential cartoon characters on a magic carpet ride.”

Notably, the number was even higher among the younger cohort, ages 18 to 24.  Sixty-six percent (two-thirds!) of these folks said they would support accepting refugees from Disney's fictional city.

The survey was conducting among 1,132 voters with a margin of error of 2.9%,