16-Year-Old Homeschooler Graduates High School and College in Same Week

"I would eventually like to become chief justice of the United States."

A teenager from Hollywood, Florida, has accomplished an amazing feat -- she earned a high school diploma and a bachelor's degree from college all in the same week.

16-year-old Grace Bush completed her four-year bachelor's degree in criminal justice in only three years, hitting a 3.8 grade point average. To top it off, Grace received her degree from Broward College days before she received her high school diploma which came on Friday.

"It's kind of weird that I graduated college before high school," she told CBS Miami.

Grace received her diploma through Florida Atlantic University High School, which offers a dual-enrollment program allowing advanced students to earn credit towards their college degrees. Grace used her summers to expedite her time earning her bachelor's.

Of the others in the family, Grace explains this success is not exclusive to her. "My two older sisters are doing it and I'm the third to do it. My oldest sister already graduated and my second oldest sister is graduating in the summer," she said.

Grace and her eight other siblings are homeschooled. Grace's mother says she was shocked when at 2 years old, Grace was already reading. Mrs. Bush plans for all of her children to earn college credit while in high school in order to save money on college tuition.

When she is not practicing her flute over the summer, Grace explains that she will be studying so she can score as high as possible on the LSAT in order to get a full-ride into law school. "I would eventually like to become chief justice of the United States," she said.