Woolworth’s Store in Germany Removes Christmas Section: ‘We Are Muslim Business Now’

Customer needs religious freedom assistance on aisle four!

A Woolworth’s in Germany has removed its Christmas section because the city that hosts the store is overrun with Muslims. 

Woolworth stores didn’t survive in America or the UK and can now be found only in Austria, Mexico, and Germany, which has still has 300 stores in operation. One store in the city of Dortmund is now essentially a Muslim-only store, according to Express. Because of that, it pulled all Christmas-related items, to the dismay of the few native locals in search of yuletide cheer.

A staff member at the location said:

“We are a Muslim business now. We do not want to sell Christmas articles.”

The branch manager, Seda Capakcur, confirmed that the holiday items were removed from the store, saying, “The Christmas articles are hardly in demand here. Already last year, everything remained unsold." 

But Woolworth’s executives assure the company hasn’t converted and that it's a matter of inventory:

"Woolworth is, of course, not a Muslim company. Christmas merchandise is available from September onwards and should be sold out by the end of December. 

“In this branch, however, demand was too low. Therefore the goods were distributed to other branches."