Walmart Uses Canadian Band's Song to Support American Jobs

Epic fail or Rush albums flying off the shelves?

Walmart has a new 60 second spot pledging support for American factories and American workers. Ironically -- or not, depending on perspective -- they used the 1974 song "Working Man" from Canadian rock band, Rush.

The commercial strings together images of factory workers as the song plays. The Walmart pledge appears at the end:

Over the next ten years, we're pledging $250 billion to products purchased from American factories. And honoring the men and women who make them. 

Here are the lyrics to "Working Man" featured in the commercial:

I get up at seven, yeah 
And I go to work at nine 
I got no time for livin' 
Yes, I'm workin' all the time 

It seems to me 
I could live my life 
A lot better than I think I am 
I guess that's why they call me 
They call me the workin' man 

Some view this as an epic fail because Walmart used a Canadian band to promote American jobs. However, an understanding that Rush is, for all intents and purposes, an American band can squash that idea pretty quickly. They got their first big break and subsequent record deal after "Working Man" was played in rotation on an influential Cleveland, Ohio radio station. They have been an American staple ever since.

A Walmart spokesman said:

We just think it's an awesome song that expresses our commitment to help get more American working men and women back to work.

And Rush fans rejoiced.