Twitter User Replaces 'White' With 'Black,' Gets Banned

We're shocked, shocked.


Conservatives are already painfully aware that there is a double standard, politically speaking, at social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Now an anonymous Twitter user has further exposed that standard by conducting an experiment with racial hate speech, according to Liberation Information.

This user wrote the same comment on two different accounts with only two words changed, then reported each for abusive behavior.

The first comment read like your standard profane insult on social media: "I fucking hate white people and their inconsiderate asses for voting for Trump. Fuck you."

The second was changed to: "I fucking hate black people and their inconsiderate asses for voting for Clinton. Fuck you."

The first subsequently was found not to be in "violation of Twitter's Rules regarding abusive behavior," while the second resulted in the user's account being banned.

We're shocked, shocked at this hypocrisy... not.