Tucker Carlson to Democratic Strategist: Language is Not a Race

“You can’t explain what you’re saying."

On Thursday night's installment of Tucker Carlson Tonight, the host went to the mat with Democratic strategist Evangeline Gomez over the issues of Puerto Rico, racism, and colonialism.

Gomez, who called the Trump administration’s “delayed” response to Puerto Rico “racist,” was called out due to the fact that the U.S. Caribbean territory is factually more white than many American states, including California. The leftist hilariously stepped in it in her effort to stoke racial division:

Gomez:  I disagree [that Puerto Rico is more white than California]…There’s a difference between white and Hispanic and Latino.

Carlson:  What’s the difference?

Gomez:  They’re Hispanic; they’re Latino.

Carlson:  So what is the difference?

Gomez:  They speak a different language.

Carlson:  Language is not a race.

The Democrat continued, undeterred by the fact that her claims made no sense. Tucker summed up her case nicely:

“Oh, you can’t explain what you’re saying, is what you’re saying.”

Carlson went on to question why, if we are against colonialism, we maintain Puerto Rico as a territory rather than a country. Gomez indicated that, during the last election, Puerto Rico voted to become a state. The country did indeed choose statehood with its vote; however, only 23% of the population voted; and of course, the vote did not make them a state.

“They’re American citizens,” Gomez pointed out.

“It’s a little more complicated than that,” Tucker said, noting that they don't pay federal taxes. Perhaps the best indication that Puerto Ricans are Americans is that they’re being used by leftists to racially divide our country.