'Take a Knee' Controversy Hits Rock Bottom: Kindergartner Kneels for Pledge of Allegiance

“We are no longer going to be silenced,” says the mom.

Left-wing parents love to demonstrate how “woke” their kids are, exposing their children to issues so complex that they can't possibly understand them. Case in point: Eugenia McDowell, mother to a super-enlightened 6 year-old.

The Florida kindergartner, who understands all of the subtle nuance of race relations in America, chose to take a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance in school. Students are allowed to opt out of the Pledge if they have a note from their parents, which McDowell did not, so his teacher sent a text to his mom to make her aware that her son had taken a knee. McDowell was upset.

"He was influenced by what he saw over the weekend, the conversations we were having," the student's mother, Eugenia McDowell, told FOX 13 News "When he demonstrated what he did, he took a knee and he put his hand over his heart."

She said that her son is now afraid to express himself. "It immediately caused him to think again about ever expressing himself in a way that would be different than how other people are expressing themselves.”

Instead, she told the teacher she had to apologize to her son or have her son transferred to another teacher's class, and she went to the media.

"In my email, I wrote we may have to consider changing his classroom,” McDowell said, “I wasn’t ready to make that decision until a discussion with them [the school principal and teacher] took place," McDowell said. "I wanted an apology to my son in the same manner that she called him out for kneeling. I also wanted to know if she would be remorseful. If she demonstrated that, then I would have been okay with him remaining in her class."

McDowell says she was unaware of the requirement to send a note to excuse her son from the pledge, according to ABC News, but does not intend to do so. “We are no longer going be silenced,” she said, “our voices will be heard and our little black boys that sit in classrooms today, not just my son but every other child that looks like him, they are not going to be silenced.”

He's not being silenced. You just needed to send a note excusing him from this activity at school. The only reason your six year-old is traumatized is because you're using him as a pawn to score political points.