Stossel: Too Many in Media ‘Display Pro-Government Bias

“Has the ignorant media gotten worse?”

Libertarian and former Fox Business Network host John Stossel is either “grouchier” or more fed up with a mainstream media that has “gotten worse.”

“Every day I see things that are wrong or that so miss the point I want to scream,” Stossel wrote at Reason on Wednesday. “From storm coverage to the deep state, many in the media display a pro-government bias.”

He gives four recent examples in his piece. First storm coverage:

As this week's storm approached the East Coast, the media reverted to breathless hype: "monster storm ... very dangerous." Here I blame my beloved free market: Predicting scary weather works. Viewers tune in.

What galls me more is the reporters' government-centric thinking. "Everything is closed," they say. "Employees can't get to work."

But the corner grocery stayed open. So did many gas stations and restaurants.

Stossel goes on to explain that while government offices quickly close at the first sign of supposed danger, private businesses remain open “because their own money is at stake.” Yet, “reporters don’t think about the distinction” and assume all businesses shut down if government offices are closed. That’s indeed troubling.

Then there’s the deep state:

Monday, The New York Times ran the headline "What Happens When You Fight a 'Deep State' that Doesn't Exist?"

The article explained that unlike Egypt or Pakistan, America doesn't really have a powerful deep state, and to claim that it does "presents apolitical civil servants as partisan agents."

Give me a break. "Apolitical civil servants"?

Really? Twenty million government employees (not counting the post office or military) and not a partisan one in the bunch? 

“Most are just as partisan as you or I. Maybe more so, as leaks and signs of bureaucratic resistance to presidential edicts demonstrate,” Stossel said.

On climate change:

[The NYT] front page claimed President Donald Trump appointee Scott Pruitt is "at odds with the established scientific consensus." That makes Pruitt sound like an anti-science idiot. But the headline is bunk.

Pruitt only said that he does not agree that man is "the primary contributor to global warming."

That's "at odds" with Times reporters and government flunkies on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, but many scientists say there is so much uncertainty to climate measurements that no one can know if man's greenhouse gases are the "primary" cause of warming.

The earth warmed similarly last century, well before we emitted so much carbon dioxide.

Stossel said the media also ignores the problems caused by socialism in other countries, as they prefer to complain about big oil dependency. He pointed to a recent topic on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:

I watched an episode that led with a report on the chaos in Venezuela.

I perked up, expecting Oliver to at least mention Venezuela's caps on corporate profits, abolition of property rights, media censorship, regulation of car production "from the factory door to the place of sale," etc. In other words: socialism.

But no, Oliver didn't mention any of that.

He mocked President Maduro's speeches but said Venezuela was in trouble because its economy depends on oil and oil prices dropped. What?

“The suffering was created by socialism,” Stossel added, but “America's leftists cannot see the horrors of socialism even when they are right in front of them.”

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