Steven Crowder Goes Undercover, Exposes Violence, Weapons Inside Antifa

And not one media outlet wanted his story.

Steven Crowder and his cohort “Not Gay Jared” infiltrated an Antifa group and the video they shot while undercover is a goldmine of damning evidence that should leave zero doubt that the violent leftists rightfully earned the federal declaration of being a domestic terror group.

Jared dressed the part of a leftist and managed to talk his way into the group, which has become much more wary of outsiders since being named a terror organization. Now there is a vetting process to join the ranks and face-to-face meetings are required. Jared passed the test and was given an encryption app on his burner phone which allows the group to communicate undetected. He later meets up with them at Utah State before a speech by conservative Ben Shapiro. The real Antifa members hand Jared a knife and discuss which firearms other members will be bringing, including “AKs” and a sawed-off shotgun. That was Jared’s cue to get out of there. 

Local police were in on Crowder’s stunt and Jared immediately turned over the footage he captured as evidence. Crowder then tried to hand over his undercover exposé to members of the local and national media, including ABC News's Nightline, and to his surprise, they all passed and walked away.

The Left continues to defend Antifa and media pundits swear it’s not a violent organization. That left Crowder wondering, “Is the media complicit with all of this, or do they just suck at their jobs?"

“We were delivering a story to local and national news on a silver platter, which included infiltration, violence, and exposing the roots of a national domestic terrorist organization and no one even wanted to give it a glimpse?” a stunned Crowder states in his video. “Why did it take a late night podcast host and his producer do this kind of journalism?”

Watch the telling footage above.