Sony Cans James Carville Courtroom Show After Pilot

The Rajin' Cajun will NOT be coming to a TV near you anytime soon.

The former political guru and top aide to Bill Clinton reportedly shot a pilot for a new "Judge Judy"-type show that was so bad, Sony decided to can the whole project before it even got off the ground.

"We did this, and it didn't work out," Carville said Friday to Politico. "I liked the people. It would've been fun."

While Carville says "this is like nothing you've ever seen before," the pilot (watch it here) looks like every other courtroom show on TV, except this one was shot in New Orleans. And this one has Carville, who says: "Get ready for some plain-spoken justice and a whole lot of Cajun common sense."

But after Sony dropped the project, Carville said test audiences who saw it liked it. "Actually, the research on it was pretty damn good," he said. "I've seen research before. It's a different world, that court-TV world.

"The problem, from what they told me, was we started too late to sell for the [syndication] season. They were happy with it. I was happy with it, and I enjoyed it."

Once again, Sony's emails were hacked, and in them, executives are seen praising Carville's performance, Politico said.

"It's kind of odd that the whole thing goes down, then the hacked emails said, 'Well the guy was pretty good, good to work with,'" Carville said. "Actually, they said nice things behind my back, which never happens.

"Usually when you get leaked on in Hollywood, it's like 'Who is this bald-headed slimy Cajun a**hole coming in here thinking he can do [this?]'"

Bad news looms, though. "I just got off the phone with the Sony people," Carville said. "They got some calls from other people in the business expressing some interest in it, so who knows?"