Singer Invited to Perform at ‘Tyrant’ Trump Inauguration Declines Using Poop Emojis

When we go low, they go high, right?

When speaking of Democrats versus Republicans, First Lady Michelle Obama always insists, “When they go low, we go high.” That’s probably why a liberal entertainer sent President-elect Donald Trump four poop emojis in a Twitter message to turn down an invitation to sing at his inauguration.

Charlotte Church, who came on the scene as a pre-teen opera singer but later turned British pop sensation, alleges that she was asked to sing at the January 20th event. But viewing Trump as a “tyrant,” Church didn’t want to be anywhere near Washington D.C. on that day and emphasized her repulsion with piles of pixelated dung:

According to Yahoo!, Church’s suggestion for Trump to do “a simple Internet search” refers to the many other times the singer criticized the newly elected U.S. president on Twitter from across the pond. 

Other entertainers have declined to participate in the national historic event including Kiss, Garth Brooks, Justin Timberlake, and Andrea Bocelli, a friend of Trump who was initially going to perform until his fans started to turn on him.

But with so many A-list Hillary supporters out of the way, other artists who deserve a shot will get that chance, including 16-year-old Jacki Evancho who was the breakout star on America’s Got Talent. She will sing the national anthem (Colin Kaepernick will be somewhere on one knee.)

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is set to perform. However, one member resigned stating she “could never ‘throw roses to Hitler.’

There will be plenty of marching bands and appearances by B-list country artists such as Big & Rich and “hick-hop” rapper Cowboy Troy.

Also planning to be there are Michael Moore and his minions he’s called forward to “disrupt the inauguration.” Also, keep on the lookout for feminists in “pussy hats” screaming for women’s rights to wear silly attire at a national event without the threat of jail. 

"When they go low, we go high."