Sheriff Clarke: Obama's 21st Century Policing Creating 'Unnecessary Black Carnage'

"It's been a disaster."

On Fox News Tuesday evening, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke decimated President Obama's call for the transformation of policing in America, calling it a disaster in the wake of the "unnecessary black carnage" over the weekend in Baltimore where 32 shootings resulted in nine people being murdered.

With the total number of murders in Baltimore now topping 35 for the month of May alone and the officers who are being shot and killed across the country, Sheriff Clarke told Sean Hannity: "Welcome to President Obama's 21st century transformation of the institution of policing. It's been a disaster. Unnecessary black carnage is what we saw this weekend."

His tough words continued:

[A] growing number of officers around the country who are tired of having all the maladies and pathologies of the American ghetto -- the Baltimore ghetto, the Chicago ghetto, the Milwaukee ghetto -- piled on them. We ask them to go down and do an impossible job, and then when they do and things go wrong, which they can in this imperfect world, we want to come down on them.

Clarke said more and more, police officers are afraid to do their jobs for fear of losing their job because of the highly-politicized racial tensions or losing their lives by vengeful retaliation:

Ever since the days of Ferguson, this thing has been politicized and that's what the American police officers [are] having problems with right now. It's not being -- taking the evidence, and taking the statements, and applying that to the rule of law. It's now this -- almost this mob rule that wants not justice, they want revenge.

Clarke also called the permanent memorial plaque for Michael Brown that Ferguson Mayor James Knowles III is installing where his shooting death took place "disgraceful." He added: 

The only thing that should be drilled into the road over there is a plaque for Officer Darren Wilson who had his life ruined. Who had his world turned upside down for no reason whatsoever.